Star Trek movie: It’s not that simple

Star Trek movie: It’s not that simple

Movie lovers and fans of the show will have to wait until 2019 for a new Star Trek film.

But there’s a big, bold and, perhaps, inevitable change to the sci-fi franchise’s timeline.

Here’s what you need to know about the reboot and what fans can look forward to next.1.

It’s Not That SimpleThe Trek film franchise, like most in Hollywood, has an inordinate amount of history.

The original series began on the CBS Television Network in 1968, with Gene Roddenberry’s original vision for the series, which would be set in the year 2045.

That series was created with the intent of creating an action-packed science fiction series for television, but it didn’t last long.

By the late ’70s, the series had been rebooted with a new director in Gene Raimi, who, according to The New York Times, wanted to make a “truly original” Trek series.

The result was the rebooted Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1993, which was also the first Star Trek feature film, starring John Travolta, among other stars.

The original series, as well as the subsequent reboots, have been reboot after reboot, and it’s never been a simple process.

As we’ve reported, the new reboot will have many similarities to the original series.

As Trek fans know, it’s a reboot of a franchise, not a remake.

However, there are some key differences, and a new movie or two may or may not have been needed.

First, this new reboot takes place in 2045, the same year that the original Trek film took place.

The reboot will focus on two new characters, Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who are part of the Starfleet and the Federation.

Kirk will be played by actor Michael Dorn, who played the captain of the USS Enterprise in the original Star Trek.

Picard will be portrayed by actor Leonard Nimoy, who also played the commanding officer of the starship Enterprise.

These two actors will also be joined by new crew members, including actress Kate Mulgrew, who will play Lieutenant Commander Worf.

The reboot also has a few new characters from the original movies.

These new characters will be part of a group of new crew, called the “Ferengi,” who are tasked with keeping the Federation safe from the Klingons.

The new film also has several new Klingons, but they will be different.

The Klingons from the Original Series will be voiced by the same actors as they were in the Original series.

Also, there’s the “Gurr,” a new character who was introduced in the Star Trek Nemesis TV series.

A new character called Captain Tuvok will also appear in the reboot, but he will be playing a different character in the new film than the character who appeared in the Nemesis series.

The new film will also introduce a few familiar faces, including actor Leonard “Bones” McCoy, who was played by Patrick Stewart in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

McCoy is returning as the character played by Peter Sisko in the fourth and final season of Star Trek, but the character will be a new one, and will be more like Siskos character.

McCoy will also take on a new role as Captain James “Scotty” Scott, who is a Starfleet officer and former officer on the USS Voyager.

Spock is also coming back for the reboot.

There’s a new crew member who is played by the late Christopher Plummer, who portrayed the character of Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star Wars: The Original Series.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Star Trek writer Gene Rennert explained that the film will include “a new version of the Klingon War.”

The Klingens have taken control of the planet Vulcan and are using it as a weapon against the Federation and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

The Federation is attempting to destroy the Klingens.

Rennet explained that this new Klingon War will also feature an old adversary, the Romulans.

This new adversary, Rhenarians, will be in the film.

Rhenarian technology will be introduced, and there will be new Klingones in the universe.

The film will be set around the time of the First Contact War, which takes place after the Federation is captured by Romulan space pirates.

Rerendert also said that the new Romulian villain will be “a much more complicated version of a guy that we know and love.”

This new reboot has a number of differences from the previous film.

The plot will be largely unchanged from the last film, with the exception of a couple of plot points.

The villain will also have a lot of similarities to his previous appearance in the series.

Riddell explained that “they’re going to have to fight it out, but that they’ll be able to use all the different weapons at their

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