Which movie star is most likely to win Best Picture?

The odds of a movie star winning the best picture Oscar are in the billions, according to a study of Oscar nominations.

The research, commissioned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, has estimated that the odds of one of the top 10 best-picture nominees winning the prize are in excess of one in four million.

However, that’s the case for one of only three actors to win an Oscar in the past 10 years, Steven Spielberg.

For all of the star power that’s been given to actors in recent years, the odds that two of the best-known stars in history could win the award are in no way that low.

In addition, the research also found that the chance of a film star winning a best picture is in the millions, with the likelihood of that happening being in the 1.1-million range.

And while there is a high likelihood of a Oscar winning actor winning a Best Picture nomination, there are a couple of notable exceptions to that.

Steven Spielberg has never won a Best Director Oscar, while Harrison Ford has won a best actor Oscar five times.

This is not to say that the two best-actor winners haven’t had a good run in their careers.

Harrison Ford has racked up an impressive 13 Best Actor Oscar nominations in his career, including the Academy Award for Best Actor for 2001’s Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, as well as Best Director Oscars in 2002 and 2003 for Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi and 2001’s Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.

But Ford has only won three Best Actor Oscars in the 20 years since, and he only won one of those awards in 2012.

Also in 2013, Harrison Ford won Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in The Dark Knight Rises, which went on to win four Oscars.

That movie was nominated for Best Picture for its supporting performances by Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston and Marion Cotillard, who had all starred in The Avengers.

Despite the fact that The Dark, Knight Rides Again won the award for Best Film, Harrison has never been nominated for the Oscar.

Ford’s last Best Actor nomination came in 2008, when he won Best Supporting Actor for the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man 2.

He’s currently the highest-profile actor to win a Best Actor award in more than 20 years.

Of course, the Academy awards are not the only thing Hollywood is looking to score in terms of nominations.

In addition to winning the Best Picture Oscar, Spielberg, who has also won Best Director and Best Actor awards, also has two other nominations for his work on the big screen.

His last Oscar nomination came at the age of 65, when the award went to the animated feature The Life of Pi, which was nominated in the Best Animated Feature category.

While Spielberg has won all three Best Picture Oscars, he hasn’t won the Best Director award since 2001, when Richard Donner won for The Hurt Locker.

As for Tom Hanks, he has won four Best Actor Awards in his long career, and was also nominated for an Oscar for his role in The King of Comedy.

However, while the odds may seem high, there is one other Hollywood celebrity that could get the nod.

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