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Updated April 24, 2018 12:10:17After the successful Kickstarter campaign, the first movie in the Bratz trilogy, Brats, has been released in theaters.

The movie follows the adventures of a young bratty black kid named Bratz who is trying to escape his abusive family and move to a white-owned house.

Bratz is adopted by a white family and takes on the name of Grayhound, after a dog named Brats who was also adopted by the same family.

Brats first love interest is the adorable Grayhound who can also run.

Brads parents, Dr. Dink (Trevor Jones), have a relationship that develops from this relationship.

The film also stars Mandy Moore (Molly Shannon) as Brats mother and Jamie Lee Curtis (Vincent D’Onofrio) as his father.

The story is about a young boy named Bratty who lives in the same white-run house as his best friend, Brat.

Brat and his best friends try to get away from their abusive parents and live together in a white neighborhood.

The Brats are also adopted, as are their siblings and cousins.

The children have different personalities and Brats has an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

The films plot centers around the friendship of Brat, who has an amazing crush on his best girl, Grayhound.

Grayhound has her own interests and loves to cook and dress up.

They are often at odds.

Bratz also has a rebellious streak.

His best friend has a crush on him and he does not want to see him grow up.

Britz has an uncle who is the mayor of the neighborhood and is a white supremacist.

Brats adoptive parents try to keep their secret from Grayhound and the rest of the community.

Graydog is also a white male.

Grayhound is not just Brat’s best friend and best friend is not the most important person in his life, it is the one that is best at hiding the truth about his abusive and violent childhood.

Grayhounds story is not very different from the story of a number of black boys who have suffered at the hands of white men.

The stories are similar, but the people and events that are more complicated are rarely portrayed.

Grayhounds backstory and his relationship with his father are not the focus of the film, but Brats life story is.

Gray Hound was written and directed by the brilliant Christopher Latham.

Latham is a producer on Bratz and co-wrote and directed Brats original pilot.

He also is a co-producer on the upcoming Black-ish, a Netflix series.

Latham has previously produced and co wrote The Muppets and The Lego Movie.

The Muppet Movie was an Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature.

The Lego movie was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 2011 Oscars.

Bratches debut is based on his story.

The film stars Jamie Lee Scott (Bratz), Michael B. Jordan (Grayhound), and Jesse Eisenberg (Brats mother).

The cast also includes John Slattery, Jason Segel, Ben Stiller, and James McAvoy.

Bratty is a popular black kid who lives with his white mother.

His life is not perfect.

Brtts parents are violent and abusive and he is constantly in trouble with the law.

The only thing that can get him out of trouble is a beautiful girl named Grayhound (Lee Curtis), but Grayhound is also abusive and cruel.

Brtzs relationship with Grayhound also has its issues.

Brtts mother and Grayhound’s father are very different.

The father is a man of violence and abuse and the mother is a woman who has never been abused herself.

Brts parents do not understand why Brt’s life is so complicated.

Brs father is abusive and the son is not.

The problem is that Brt is not black.

The family is also white.

Bratt’s mother is of mixed race, his father is white.

The two characters have a difficult relationship and they struggle to understand Brt.

The movie has a lot of good things going for it.

The performances are solid.

The plot is not complicated.

The acting is great.

The themes are interesting.

There is a lot going on and Brt has a very strong emotional connection with Grayhoes mother.

Brtts mother, Grayh, has a great relationship with Brats father.

The scenes with Brt and his mother are very well-paced and interesting.

The characters have some depth and they are all well-developed.

The acting is excellent.

The supporting actors are very good.

The music is great and the sound effects are very powerful.

The camera movements are smooth.

The editing is good.

The music is a very good choice.

The score is catchy and the actors are well-defined.

There are no cheesy songs, just good music.

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