When ‘Wonder Woman’ star Chris Pine’s career was on the upswing, a lot of bad news came in the mail

When ‘Wonder Woman’ star Chris Pine’s career was on the upswing, a lot of bad news came in the mail

The superhero flick has been a huge success, but Chris Pine may have had a tough time selling tickets.

According to an article from Axios, the movie was a “disaster” for Pine.

According the article, the Oscar-nominated actor had a few issues with the film.

He was cast as the “supervillain” Ares in the film and his character was the villainous Joker.

He also had a problem with a scene in the movie where the female lead character (played by Gal Gadot) is being taken by Ares and being tortured by his men.

The article quotes a source close to Pine as saying, “The movie was horrible.

There were a lot people who weren’t buying tickets for it.

It wasn’t getting out, but it wasn’t doing well.

It was disappointing.”

Pine was originally cast to play the “villainous” Ares, a.k.a. the Joker in “Wonder Woman,” but that role was taken over by Gal.

Gadot stepped in to play Diana Prince and the movie’s box office numbers plummeted.

According a report from Deadline, it took nearly two months for the movie to gross $3.1 million domestically and $8 million internationally, with just $1.3 million of that being in the U.S.

Pine’s agent had initially told the outlet that the actor had been cast to star as “the villainous Ares.”

However, a source who spoke to Variety confirmed that the casting was for the female character, named “Diana.”

According to Variety, the actor did not attend the cast photo, which was taken before the shooting of the film was completed.

According Variety, a Hollywood insider told Variety that the reason Pine was cast for the role was because he was the most popular guy on the set.

It’s unknown if Pine was offered a role on the film that would have been the most lucrative for him, or if he was offered the role because he had the most fans.

The movie grossed $1 million in its opening weekend, which is a record for a female-driven superhero movie.

It earned $2.8 million in total domestic ticket sales.

The studio did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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